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He will raise a flag among the nations for them to rally to; he will gather the scattered Israelites from the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 11.11

Israel and her people are on God’s heart. The nation stands as prophetic fulfilment, a witness to the world. Here at BBB we want to play our part in caring for the people of ‘The Land’, and help support the Church there. BBB will be working with three strategically chosen people/ministries in Israel to:

* CHURCH: Support persecuted pastors and congregations

* COMPASSION: Provide practical help and support to the most needy

* EVANGELISM: Share with both Jews and Arabs that Yeshua is truly their Messiah

CHURCH: Our focus will be churches in Ashdod, Arad, Nazareth, Afula, and Beit She’an. These five congregations and their pastors are working to reach out to their communities, often in the face of hostility and persecution (relational, financial, and occasionally physical). Despite the ‘hard ground’ they sew in, they want to accelerate their impact in their towns. Our financial support will help them do that. [BBB in conjunction with OBFF]

COMPASSION: Dr. Herbert Goldberg is a holocaust survivor who has been in the ministry over 60 years. Together with his sons, Gabriel and David, he established an Israeli charitable organisation dedicated to sharing the love of Yeshua with the neediest in practical ways. This includes soup kitchens, food distribution, and clothing distribution in both Haifa and Jerusalem. Through this work the Goldberg family demonstrate that God’s compassion is for everyone, and our support will be used to further this work. [BBB in conjunction with A Lema’an Zion Inc.]

EVANGELISM: Rachel Netanel loves to open ‘blind eyes’ to the fact that Yeshua is the Messiah. Coming from a religious Jewish background, she understands how to present the Bible to Israelis – both Jews and Arabs – according to their culture. A key aspect of her outreach is based on the Jewish tradition of ‘hospitality’. Rachel opens up her home to any who would come, with each gathering comprising: food, music, bible teaching, fellowship and prayer. Through this type of outreach she shares Yeshua with more than 50 people per week! Despite much opposition to her work, many Israelis have accepted Yeshua through her ministry. [BBB in conjunction with ‘Beit Netanel Ministry’]


Kevin, Laurel, Gabby, Kyle, Dani - at the summit of Mt. Baldy
The Translation Team holding the finished book of Jonah
Kevin Teaching
Pastor Miguel praying
Pastor Miguel preaching in Mixtec
  • Kevin, Laurel, Gabby, Kyle, Dani - at the summit of Mt. Baldy
  • The Translation Team holding the finished book of Jonah
  • Kevin Teaching
  • Pastor Miguel praying
  • Pastor Miguel preaching in Mixtec


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Kevin & Laurel Penner

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PO Box 2878 Three Hills, AB, T0M 2A0

We have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1999. In January of 2003 we began a Bible translation project among the Ixtayutla Mixtec people of Oaxaca, Mexico because we believe that access to the Word of God in one’s heart language is of utmost importance for personal discipleship and for establishing stable, growing, Bible-believing, outreaching churches. Initially we devoted ourselves to learning the language and culture, and in 2005 we began translating the book of Genesis into Mixtec. In 2006, our daughter Alyssa was born with severe brain damage requiring us to return to Canada to care for her, and on January 30, 2010 she passed away. We have continued the translation project from Canada with the help of satellite internet and periodic trips back to Mexico to work with a team of Mixtec translators who continue drafting Scripture into Mixtec. Kevin is also currently working on a graduate study program in linguistics at the University of Alberta that has given him greater insight into the Mixtec language, which will result in a better translation. We hope to return to Mexico when Kevin’s studies and our family situation allows, and pray for God’s guidance as to when we will be able to do this.


In 2005, after a year and a half of Mixtec language and culture study, Kevin took Pastor Miguel to a workshop where they studied translation principles and translated the first verses of Scripture into Ixtayutla Mixtec. Upon returning from the workshop, a Mixtec translation team was formed with Miguel, his father, Primo, and his brother, Francisco, and they worked on translating the book of Genesis. A year later the team had grown to seven! Each member of the team has different family responsibilities that they must attend to in addition to their translation work, especially working in their fields where they plant corn, beans and squash, but we thank God for their commitment to the task. To have such a large, committed translation team is unusual in Mexico.

Since we had to relocate to Canada after the birth of Alyssa in 2006, Kevin has continued to make trips back to Mexico to work with the translation team. Training the translation team to work on their own and use computers was an initial priority, as well as helping them revise the Scripture that they draft into Mixtec. In 2008 we were able to install satellite Internet at Pastor Miguel’s house, which greatly improved our ability to communicate with the team, do remote support on their computers and synchronize the translation work they are doing in Mexico with our computers in Canada.


Pastor Miguel is a special man that God has raised up to lead his people in the ways of God. He is the son of Primo, who we think was the first believer in the area. When we arrived in 2003, he was a young, fairly new follower of Jesus, who was taking a year of Bible school at the Roca Blanca Mission Base, which focuses on reaching and training the indigenous people along the coast of Oaxaca. After his year of Bible school, Miguel returned to his town of Chukun (El Mosco) where he pastors the church and leads the translation team, in addition to working his fields and occasional construction work.

Miguel’s commitment to translating the Bible into the heart language of his people has been a great blessing to us and a service to his people. When there is no translation, Miguel and other leaders in the church read from a Spanish Bible in church and try to translate it on the fly. However, Miguel has told Kevin that there are so many difficult things in the Bible that sometimes they can’t find the right way to translate it as they read to the people. On the other hand, when the Scripture has already been translated into Mixtec, it isn’t difficult to read because the translators have already thought hard and pondered what would be the best words to put down so people can understand the message that comes from God. He says, “In that case, we can say before the people, ‘This is what the message God wants to say here looks like.’” Then people’s minds are opened and they understand the words that are spoken because they are Mixtec.


We feed and school 145 orphans and poor muslim children every day in Tanzania
The school building in Tanzania
  • We feed and school 145 orphans and poor muslim children every day in Tanzania
  • The school building in Tanzania


Fred and Val Ilyin have been working with Needy Orphans and Widows Children since 1991.

By the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we founded New Manna Ministries in 1982 and have since been able to minister to the needy people of Russia, Ukraine and Tanzania, Africa.


In Russia we have established three homes for the Orphans. The first home is the House of Hope for children ages 2 -18 we have 13 children at the Manna Hope House in Savino, Ural Mountains, Russia. The second home is for Released Orphans (Vipustniki) these are Orphan boys that have been released from the Govt. Orphanage but now have no home to go. We have 11 boys at this home we call the Hope Timothy Center in Perm, Russia. The Third home is also in Perm and it houses the released orphan girls. This home we call the Hosea House. At this home we house 10-12 young ladies. We treat these children as our own and keep them with us till they get married.


In Musoma, Tanzania God has allowed us to establish a School / Orphanage. Pastor Lukasi Manumbu cares for the 120 Orphans & Poor children who attend our Manna School. The Orphans who attend our school are cared for by the families that attend Pastor Lukasi’s church. At the school we feed the children once a day and provide then with one snack. The Manna School has three grades K-3. The school is government approved and teaches the government curriculum with all Christian Principles in place in all the subjects. English is also taught at the Manna School. Fifty of the children are from poor Muslim families that want their children to get a Christian education.

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