Short Term Missions

Lack of justice, economic hardship and natural disaster are a reality in the world today.

Love, compassion and ability move our hearts and cause us to go.

Vulnerable people, children at risk, and those less fortunate are the recipients of our partnership.

Short Term Missions is about opportunities for individuals and teams to actually go out and get their hands dirty, helping others in less fortunate situations.

Here are some recent reports on individuals and teams that have gone.

Since 1984 we have been participating in individuals and teams going on short term mission’s trips around the globe: Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Japan, Mexico, Portland USA, England, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Russia, around BC, etc.



The Dental Team
A Happy Patient
Community Health Worker learning new techniques
Teaching Prevention
  • The Dental Team
  • A Happy Patient
  • Community Health Worker learning new techniques
  • Teaching Prevention
2014 Kenya | Dental Team

Is there anything more painful than a bad tooth? Our last dental team had so many grateful patients, we lost count.

Dr. Paul from Houston BC returned  to Kitale again with a team of hygienists, and dental assistants.  This is the second time Dr. Paul and his daughter Jo have brought a team to Kitale.

Our primary focus was in serving  seven orphanages in the area, and secondly our street family.  Lots of emphasis was put on teaching preventative instruction, addressing it to the kids and  staff.

The first week they set up at a children’s home, where they worked on kids and staff from four different children’s homes. The next week  they set up at Larry & Francine's home, and twenty children from yet another home were treated. Then they set up at our Community Health Center for three days and treated people from the streets and the Kipsongo slums nearby.

To have a tooth pulled in Kitale costs about 2 days wages for the average worker. A filling, well, people there just  tend to have them pulled.

Dr. Paul offered to teach a local ‘dentist’ (or Community Health worker who does pulling and fillings), how to inject needles and dispense the freezing properly. He is the guy we send the street kids to when they need dental work. Francine was also getting hands on instruction as well.

Dr. Paul brought two portable dental units this time with the  deliberate intention of leaving one at our clinic. This can help facilitate other dental teams wanting to come serve in Kenya, even if it’s not in Kitale, we will simply bus the unit to their location.

Dr. Paul and his team plan on returning again next year.

2014 Jamaica Trip | Sean Lalonde & Youth Group

This year we brought the youth leadership team of KCC to Jamaica.

We handed out over 700 pairs of shoes some donated from KCC and others donated from Soles for Souls. We visited orphanages and schools and did 3 day discipleship classes with the children, put on Soccer VBS's and saw hundreds except Jesus as their Savior and learn what there Salvation means. We talked about Prayer, the

Armor of God, Repentance, Sin, and Growing in the Lord all through puppetry, drama, music and devotional Bible studies.



2014 Philippines Disaster Relief | Mark Dekoning

Early in the morning on November 8th super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) blasted the west coast island Leyte in the Philippines. It was the strongest typhoon ever recorded with sustained winds of 315 km/h and wind gusts of up to 375km/h. This disaster killed more than 24,000 people and left an estimated 2.5 million people in need of food, water and shelter. Having already gone on a short term trip to this Island, I felt God leading me to go back and help bring hope, encouragement and resources to help empower the Filipino people. God used us in very diverse ways from speaking events, to visiting farms, gifting resources and spending time in prayer. The major project we established was a small loan opportunity for new businesses. We empowered two Filipino’s (lawyer and local pastor) to give out no interest loans to locals, with great business ideas but no resources to get started. The loans come with a contract, exit strategies, teaching on ethics, accounting, growing through failure and they have to agree to tithe. We had our first young man enroll

in the program and accept Jesus as his Lord and saviour before we left. He had attended Church for the first time and was excited about his new opportunity for his young family. We also created a mercy program where tithes from the small business program can be collected to help those with immediate needs. Through this program we sent a few people to the dentist, a few to the doctors, provided eye glasses, helped send food to villages cut off from the government feeding programs and materials to rebuild a few homes. I left the Philippines extremely grateful for

my life in Kelowna and very encouraged by the faith and resilience of the Filipino people.  Jesus said -“Whatever you did for the least of these, you did unto me.”


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